New investment will bring 25 jobs to Timmins

Media Release
Thursday, October 11, 2018
For immediate release

Certarus, a fast growing Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) company with strong roots in Western Canada, is moving forward with a $54M multi-site investment in Northern Ontario to service off-grid industrial clients. This expansion into the Ontario market will see new hubs developed in both Timmins and Red Rock and will work to provide mines and mills with the option of a cleaner, more affordable alternative to diesel and propane for heat and power generation.

In addition to the initial capital investment in the region, the new hubs will create 10-15 jobs during the construction phase, 41 permanent full time jobs (25 in Timmins, 16 in Red Rock) as well as 5-10 seasonal jobs during peak seasons once they operate at full capacity. Annual payroll for both sites, once fully operational, is expected to be in the area of $3M.

“We are excited to be expanding into Ontario with our first CNG hub on Highway 101 East in Timmins. The mining and forestry sectors will provide a diversified client base for Certarus and allow us to continue to grow. We are seeing an increasing adoption of CNG to displace diesel, propane and bunker oil to promote cost savings and reduce environmental footprints. Certarus operates the largest bulk CNG trailer fleet in North America and has built over 15 bulk CNG compression facilities across North America.” said Nathan Ough, Vice President of Certarus. “The Timmins Economic Development Corporation provided invaluable assistance in understanding the industrial sectors and connecting us with the resources we needed to establish our hub in Timmins.”

The Timmins Economic Development Corporation worked with Certarus as they explored market opportunities in the region and completed their site selection process. Of the new planned development, Fred Gibbons, Chair of the Timmins Economic Development Corporation Board, said “We’re glad to see this investment in Timmins and we’re looking forward to seeing how this service can help improve operations and reduce the environmental footprint of our mines and mills.”

For users who experience brownouts and blackouts from unreliable electricity supplies, onsite CNG allows for continuous operations. Certarus will provide a service that will assist in increasing client productivity, reduce operating costs, and keep more jobs in Northern Ontario by potentially extending mine and mill life.


For more information, please contact Kelsey Luxton, Communications Coordinator at or (705) 360-2600 x 7083.

About the TEDC

The TEDC is the city’s non-profit community economic development team. We facilitate and support economic and social activity that creates jobs, diversifies the economy and improves quality of life.

About Certarus

Certarus is a leader in providing a fully integrated compressed natural gas (CNG) solution for the North American commercial and industrial markets. Our primary business is the creation of a “Virtual Natural Gas Pipeline” through the compression, transportation and integration of CNG for the energy services, mining, forestry and industrial sectors. Our solutions target diesel and propane fuel displacement projects to lower operating costs and reduce environmental impact. Certarus is focused on providing cost effective solutions by utilizing abundant low cost North American natural gas.