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Annual Reports

Our annual reports highlight selected past projects. For annual reports not listed, email or call 705-260-2656.

Employer Council Reports

The Timmins Employer Council is a networking and information-sharing organization that mitigates employment challenges in the region. The group consists of major employers, educators and trainers, and employment service providers. Anyone interested in building local employers’ capacity to recruit and retain staff can join the council. Read the Timmins Employer Council Terms of Reference for more information.
Timmins Employer Council Hiring and Retention Strategies Project

In 2018, we launched the Recruitment and Retention Strategies Project. For best practices in recruiting and retaining employees, review the reports and fact sheets below.

A University for Timmins? Possibilities and Realities

The Timmins Economic Development Corporation worked with Northern Policy Institute to explore the idea of an English university in Timmins.

The latest research to come from Northern Policy Institute finds the prospects of Timmins securing a stand-alone English university to be limited based on a number of factors, including demographic considerations, the availability of other institutions, and the provincial government’s financial realities.

While there may not be a strong case for a new post-secondary institution in Ontario’s Northeast, Dr. Ken Coates puts forward several alternatives for community leaders in his report, A University for Timmins? Possibilities and Realities. These include developing a satellite campus of an existing university, developing an expanded, coordinated Northern College-University partnership and considering alternative approaches to traditional university programming such as an Indigenous institution for Ontario or a work-focused institution for the province.