TEDC helps local producers build a taste of place

Media Release
Thursday, March 1, 2018

Timmins farmers are now growing more produce than ever before because of a new funding program that makes their land easier to farm.

The TEDC, in partnership with the Northeast Community Network (NeCN), has helped regional farmers and producers access tile drainage grants to over 4,000 acres of agricultural land since 2014. The NeCN is anticipating another 1,800 acres worth of land improvement grants this year.

Tile drainage has been used in agricultural infrastructure for centuries, and helps improve water management for crop production, pasture management and soil health. The program allows farmers in the region to extend their growing season, which is typically about a month shorter than that of farmers in Southern Ontario. Productivity enhancements such as these allow for higher yields and enhanced market competitiveness.

Allen Graham, owner of Graham Acres Farm in Timmins, has reaped the benefits of the program, saying, “Since receiving the tile drainage grant, I’m able to grow potatoes and veggies in an area where I would regularly get stuck with my ATV. I can get on the land earlier in the season and have no issues when harvesting crops and produce later in the season.” Since completing the work by a licensed tile drainage contractor, Graham says, “the return on investment has gone from $500/acre to over $2,500/acre.”

The program covers 50% of eligible expenses up to a maximum of $500/acre for work completed by a licensed tile drainage contractor. Once the tile drainage work is completed, the project location and land is inspected for conformity to the program and a claim is submitted to reimburse the farmer or producer.

For more information, please contact Kelsey Luxton, Communications Coordinator, at kelsey.luxton@timmins.ca or (705) 360-2600 x 7083.

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